club Agreements

    • Respect the rights of others (members, staff, volunteers, community).
    • Do not destroy or steal Club/community property.
    • Treat others as you wish to be treated.
    • Help keep our Club safe.
    • Make smart choices and have fun!

If you choose to not follow the Rules, you will receive a Warning.
If staff must speak to you again, you will be given a Strike and you will be suspended for the following day (one full day)

If and when you do receive a Third Strike, you will be asked to leave for one month.

Non-Negotiable/or Immediate Suspension: The Club may take immediate steps to suspend a member or terminate a membership if we deem that behavior was serious enough and/or that the child was aware of the consequences of such behavior.

Automatic Two Strikes and immediate removal / Automatic one week suspension:

    • Physical Violence/Fighting
    • Possession of Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco
    • Possession of Weapons (of any sort)
    • You may earn back a Strike with One Month Strike-Free behavior.

Respect: It is our belief that children are never to be embarrassed in front of others. When discipline is required, it is done in private between child and staff. It is not our goal to bring attention to negative behavior. Our goal is to respect each child in our program, even those who may require positive discipline. The Club will do all we can to ensure that the environment at club is one in which staff and youth feel safe and respected. Any child who continuously shows a lack of respect for others through their words or actions may be asked to leave the program. We ask parents to work with us in ensuring that each child understands the importance of mutual respect and that this policy is for their benefit, as well as for the benefit of others.